Accommodation Property Web-Design by ClickHere


We are an Internet Services company founded in Autumn 2001 and online since 2002.

We specialize in accommodation properties.

Carry on reading and you will understand precisely why collaborating with us will benefit you, be it for the design or re-design of your accommodation property's website. We have an extensive portfolio of websites developed for hotels, guesthouses, villas, suites, maisonettes, vacation homes, and room, studio and apartment rentals.


That which determines your website's popularity first and foremost, is your property's popularity and reputation (good reviews).

In other words, the more widespread your online presence and the higher the ratings of your online reviews within the various travel platforms, the more popular your website will be.

A such, why get into all the trouble and expense of creating a "verbose" website, with countless, unnecessary functions, sub-pages and information, given that its popularity and success is determined by other factors?

The people that will visit your website, on most occasions will do so because they have already seen positive reviews of your property, elsewhere online.

Their incentive in most cases, will be to access your website in order to compare its published rates with well-known travel platforms and to determine, whether it is more advantageous to reserve with you directly.

For this reason, your website:

  1. Has to be intuitive and easy to use on all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones). If your website is difficult to navigate, it is more than likely that users will abandon it and choose to make their reservations through and online travel agent.
  2. Has to be in the user's language (excluding countries that represent few incoming travelers or where English is very widespread, in Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, etc.).
  3. Has to load quickly in the user's country of origin. The longer it takes a website to begin displaying on a user's screen, the more likely it is abandoned. Note that a website may load quickly in one country, but be slow in others. There are specific services and technical implementations needed, so that your website loads quickly around the globe.
  4. Has to make it straightforward and quick for people to get in touch with you. This means that it should include a contact form that requires the user to fill-out as little information as possible, while at the same time, providing you will all the details that you require. We understand how time-consuming and tiresome it is, especially during peak season, to have to reply to scores of inquiries, requesting additional information, when everything can be provided in the initial inquiry.


We offer 4 website versions:



Customized colours, fonts no yes yes yes
Compatible with all devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) yes yes yes yes
GDPR yes yes yes yes
SSL / https yes yes yes yes
9 languages (Greek, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese) yes yes yes yes
Writing or editing, and translation (English to Greek or Greek to English), of an overview text, up to 300 words yes yes yes yes
Translation of overview text into languages other than English and Greek no no no no
Number of photos limit in the general photo gallery 51 51 71 51 or 71
Captions on the photos so that users know which room, suite, apartment or studio type they are viewing while browsing general gallery photos yes yes yes yes
Full screen slideshow intro (as opposed to one static. fixed image) no no yes yes
In the accommodation section, additional photo galleries for each room, suite, apartment or villa type, with up to 8 photos instead of just 1 no no yes Upon request
Ability to directly add indicative monthly price ranges for your rooms yes yes yes yes
Full website support (for photo updates, adding amenities, etc.) * yes yes yes yes
Contact numbers yes yes yes yes
Contact form yes yes yes yes
Addition of your own booking engine to your web pages (note: we do not offer a booking engine, we only support the addition of a third party booking engine which you may already be using) yes yes yes yes
HD video support on a "clean" (no ads) video streaming service ** yes yes yes yes
Website hosting on 3 CDN networks so that your website loads quickly in all countries yes yes yes yes
Traffic statistics yes yes yes yes
Annual technical upgrades *** yes yes yes yes
Listing on all relevant page of the clickhere accommodation guides in 9 languages and 3 websites:, and yes yes yes yes
Additional listing on our specialized accommodation guide pages, where applicable (Spa resorts, Conferences, Weddings, accommodation for disabled individuals) yes yes yes yes
Ability to send us special offers to be added both on our website and our accommodation guides (e.g. last minute availability) **** yes yes yes yes

* For content updates, we support photo replacements, new photo additions, amenity additions / updates, for a total of up to 2 hours support, annually. For support exceeding 2 hours per year, or for the addition of amenities and photos for additional room types, e.g. for a hotel, extra charges apply, which are communicated and carried out following your approval.

** We support the upload of a video's final edit which you must send in a specific format (e.g. mp4), resolution and only with copyright-free (or cleared) music. If you wish to assign the editing and / or selection of copyright-free music to us, charges apply depending on the amount of work involved

*** For more complex technical updates where extensive work is required, extra charges may apply. In such cases, upgrades are optional, and we proceed following your approval.

**** Included as part of our annual support and subject to our 2 hour per year free support limit



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Greece 15343


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